Maintenance Programs

Maintenance Programs

Generators and Emergency Transfer Systems
  • We can test your complete emergency system for operation on a regular basis to verify it operates as required.

Substation and Switchgear Switching
  • We clean, lube and verify operation of both automatic and manual switching operations. Without proper maintenance, you increase the chance of failure at critical times.

Substation Transformer and Switchgear Cleaning
  • It is critical to have scheduled shutdowns of electrical equipment so it can be cleaned and maintained. This assures proper ventilation and helps reduce the risk of short circuits due to insulation failures.


  • We can test your pad mounted transformers for PCB levels and other oil contaminants that may affect the operation of your transformer.

    By installing a load monitor for a period of time, you can see where and when you are using the most electricity. We record Voltage and Amperage and use the data to make your usage more efficient, often reducing your electric bill or eliminating the need for electrical upgrades by adjusting usage.

    We can test medium Voltage cable to verify the integrity prior to energizing to help eliminate unexpected failures during periods of load.